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Aurora Custom Homes and Remodeling

Michael Lenahan  904-591-2828 President

Robert Kelly 904-591-2827 new homes project manager

Jeff Brecko 904-246-5400 remodeling

  • New 9,000 SF custom ICF home. The project had extensive arches, ceiling treatments, radius walls, and decks. This project was completed ahead of schedule.
  • New 13,000 SF ICF home.  Details included radius stairs, groin vaults, barrel ceilings, and extensive arches.  Installation of T&G ceilings and soffit.  
  • New 11,000 SF  ocean front residence that required complex structural framing.  This home was wood frame with 12’ exterior walls.  
  • Multiple high end room additions with complex roof tie ins and beam installation. These projects include removal of existing trusses to allow for second floor additions.  Most of the projects were completed while the homeowners lived in the house.


Benchmark Homes

Rich Morrison  905-545-6676 Principle

Ryan O’Dell 904-563-5988 project manager

  • Custom Home 19,490 SF.  The project was wood framing with first floor constructed with tilt-up concrete walls.  The project include three radius roofs, domed ceilings, exposed Cyprus rafter tails with tongue and groove soffit, and many other extensive interior and exterior details.  
  • 14,000 SF modern oceanfront home with wood to steel connections. Detailed ceiling reveals.  
  • Oceanfront remodel of 1920’s era home which required installation of steel beams to existing floor system to eliminate bearing walls. Conventional 12 in 12 roof.  
  • 11,000 SF custom home with CMU exterior walls, arches, and trey ceilings throughout.


Manning Building Supply

David Price 904-545-0161

Seth Meyer 904-207-3317


LSN Builders

Tony Dye 904-813-1647 President

  • New three story riverfront estate. This project was block the first floor and wood frame the rest. We custom laminated three radius beams to created two level radius decks. Here we worked closely with the builder and the homeowners to create the interior details they requested. The project was finished on schedule.
  • Custom 5000SF home with four radius roofs on each corner.  This residence also had detailed balloon framing. New 3,000 SF ranch style home.



Joe Hutchinson 904-714-2100

  • NW Behavioral Center  Addition to existing doctors office.  This project was a state job that required knowledge and training in proper sftey techniques.  It had TJI roof rafters and high balloon framed walls.
  • Renaissance Village.  An existing brick and concrete apartment complex that had wood trusses applied the concrete roof.  This was a 52 unit apartment building. 


Carlisle Constructors Inc

5400 Verna Blvd #9


Jacksonville, FL 32205





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