We provide a turn key framing, tie down, and siding package.  Our proposal will be customized to fit your needs from our available services as follows:


  • Conventional roof framing, wall framing, trusses, sheathing.  
  • Steel beams, columns, and flitch plate installation.
  • Framing in conjunction with ICF, Concrete Form Tilt Walls, and CMU.

Additions and Demolition

  • Room additions.
  • Two story additions.
  • Lead paint remediation.  
  • Complete roof framing removal.
  • Interior and exterior demo.
  • CMU wall demo.


  • Fiber cement lap siding.
  • Cedar shake siding.
  • Exposed rafter tails.
  • Field scrolling.
  • Exposed beams.
  • Soffit and fascia.
  • T&G ceilings.
  • Trellises and pergolas.
  • IPE decking.

Tie Downs

  • Structural threaded rod
  • Specialty anchors


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Need a Competitive Proposal

Please contact Gene Polk Jr. at 904.626.4098 or for a proposal for any of your framing or remodeling needs.

Please email or call us for workman's compensation, general liabilty, and license certificates.